Current Projects

The Barkley Salmon Stewardship Working Group is engaged in a number of projects. This page provides a brief overview of current projects. You can check out the individual pages for more information on each project.

Sockeye Risk Assessment – in June of 2013, we gathered technical experts to conduct a risk assessment for Barkley Sockeye. The results of this risk assessment were collated and are currently being reviewed by the group. Upon review completion, the documents will be available on the website.

Chinook Risk Assessment – In January 2014, we gathered technical experts to conducts a risk assessment for Barkley Chinook. The results of this risk assessment were collated and will be reviewed by the group in upcoming months. Upon review completion, documents will be available on the website.

Water Management Protocol – one of the first projects to get underway was the development of a water management protocol on Great Central Lake to improve conditions for salmon while managing water through the hydro station.

Somass Estuary Study Design – a study has been undertaken to determine the health of our local Somass Estuary. This project is still underway and more information will be forthcoming in the future.

Kitsuksis Fishway Project – The Kitsuksis Fishway is a joint project between West Coast Aquatic, City of Port Alberni, Alberni Valley Enhancement Association, DR Clough Consulting, Industrial Heritage Society and the Historical Society. West Coast Aquatic applied for funding from the Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnership Program in order to provide funds to build the saddle berm, pond berm, construct a fish channel and create a sediment pond. The City has supplied funding to create a fish fence and relocate the spar tree, a wonderful site feature. The Industrial Heritage Society has provided a bridge through negotiations with BC Timber Sales. Project phases to be completed in the upcoming year include: bridge placement, channel completion, fish fence completion, and connection of the new channel to the existing waterway. Finally, the site will be replanted and will provide a benefit to fish and the community for years to come.

Urban Streams Project (Phase 1) – This project was a joint collaboration between West Coast Aquatic, City of Port Alberni, Canon Evergreen, School District 70, Brad Berry Contracting, DR Clough Consulting, Colyn’s Landscaping, and BC Timber Sales. We placed spawning gravel in Dry Creek, as well as planted trees to stabilize the bank. We put spawning gravel in lower Kitsuksis. We cleaned out and put spawning gravel in Grieg/Lugrin roadside ditch (which is fish bearing). We created habitat by enlarging the Co-op Fish Ponds. The project was funded jointly by Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnership Program, City of Port Alberni and Canon Evergreen.

Chinook Net Pen – this project is funded by Pacific Salmon Foundation, Arnie Begg, Tuna Shootout and Pacific Western Brewery. In 2013, a demonstration net pen was undertaken with the goal of determining whether water quality in the Alberni inlet was sufficient to raise Chinook in net pens. 10,000 salmon were held for 2.5 weeks. With very low mortality, the salmon were released. The Department of Fisheries and Oceans approved a project in 2014 of 100,000 Chinook to be placed in net pens. The community responded and donations were made to supply frames, nets and other required items. The salmon were in the pens for 2 weeks from May 13 – May 28. Sampling done prior to release showed that the fish had doubled in size during the two week span. Thanks go out to our many volunteers and sponsors.