The Barkley Salmon Working group is actively developing and implementing projects in the region. If you are interested in find out more or participating, please contact or 250-724-3600 ext 202 for more information. We welcome new ideas. The next meeting for the stewardship group is January 31, 2014 from 10 am – 2 pm at West Coast Aquatic. Terms of Reference can be found in the library.

Current projects underway include the following:

Kitsuksis Fishway Channel Project: The Barkley Salmon group in collaboration with the City of Port Alberni and the Industrial Heritage Society received funding from the Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnership Program to implement the Kitsuksis Fishway Project. The project objective will create a fish friendly channel at the historic McLean Mill site. The RFCPP project donated a very generous $249,000 for the project. Stakeholders have been attending regular meetings and project implementation is underway. The historic spar tree has been taken down and is being moved to an adjacent location to allow for the channel to be built.

Urban Streams Revitalization Project: The Barkley Salmon group in collaboration with the City of Port Alberni received funding from the Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnership Program to implement the Urban Streams Revitalization Project.

Dry Creek Tree Planting Project: The Barkley Salmon group in collaboration with the City of Port Alberni, School District 70, Vancouver Foundation, Western Forest Products, and BC Timber Sales  planted over 1200 trees with Ryan Dvorak’s Project Based Learning class. Funds were generously donated by Canon Evergreen in the amount of $5000 and a fantastic camera to capture further events. Over 60 students participated in the planting project.

Mentoring Project: The Barkley Salmon group in collaboration with School District 70, DR Clough Consulting, Pacific Salmon Foundation and the Vancouver Foundation provided training for up to 30 students in the Project Based Learning Program. Students were taught how to conduct stream assessments, monitor water quality and identify aquatic invertebrates. Students are eligible to receive certification from the Pacific Streamkeepers Foundation for their work. Many thanks to the Vancouver Foundation and PSF for their generous donations that have allowed this wonderful program to take place. Thanks also go out to  DR Clough Consulting for the enormous amount of time and energy on the project.

Chinook Net Pen Project 2013 – In spring of 2013, 10,000 Chinook were held for three weeks on a trial basis to determine the feasibility of operating net pens in the Barkley Sound. Water quality data was collected by volunteers from the Barkley Salmon Working Group and the Alberni Valley Enhancement Association. The net pen was built and salmon were transferred from Robertson Creek Hatchery to the pen. Community members enjoyed coming down to feed the fry and money was donated to the Alberni Valley Enhancement Association. Thank you so much to Port Boat House and Pete’s Mountain Meats for their support of this project.


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Biology Bridging Program

Student and Community Awareness

Outdoor SchoolAssessmentPit taggingAssessment of current systems

Assessment of forestry impacts

Fish counters

Twin Rivers East

Chum run assessmentHabitat Restoration and ProtectionRiparian in the Barkley SoundHabitat fragmentation at Great Central Lake

Acquisition of vital areas

Chinook passage

Salmon access to upper part of Ash river

Christie Slough culvert replacement and bridge abutment

Stamp fishway slide remediation

Estuary invasive species

Estuary enhancement and protection

Dry Creek drainage area to be repaired

Mclean Mill fish ladder, dam overtopping and footbridge

Invasive species at Sproat Lake

Maggie fishway ladder repair


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